Episode 11 only one more


I hope you get lost in the Grand Canyon
and the coyotes gnaw on your bones.”

I gave him the one finger salute as he
slammed the door. I quickly sat as Dr. Truthteller went behind her table and
resumed her book signing talk. I hung on to every word. Noah’s Ark and Mary
Magdalene were out in the South West over nineteen hundred years ago. There
could be artifacts from the Ark. Pieces of wood that Noah had lovingly carved
with his own hands five or six thousand years ago. My mind was on fire. I had to
go. But my finances were exceedingly slim.

The van driver looked out the window.
“I saw an ad about a ‘book signing’ at the local theater in the newspaper. He
just might be there. He loves to read and talk about books. It’s a few blocks
this way. Let’s go there right now.”

She finished her talk. Five people
crowded around her small table and thumbed through her journal. In a few minutes
she had sold five books and the room was empty except for the two of us.

I walked slowly forward. I leaned
forward and placed both hand on her table. My heart was pounding. What would I
do if she refused to take me? I bolstered my courage. “I want to volunteer. To
search for the Ark has been my life’s ambition. To also find evidence of Mary
Magdalene out West would be gilding the lily.” I couldn’t stop. I had to tell
her. “But I’m dead-flat broke. I’ll wash dishes or do anything.” She began
putting her remaining books in a tote bag. Was she going to ignore

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