Episode 10 Saturday


This is no search for gold or silver,
only the search for truth. It will be like the Knights of the Round Table
searching for the Holy Grail.”

My legs were trembling, my mouth was
dry. This would be the greatest expedition since Stanley found Livingston. I was
on the very verge of waving my hand like a madman. The heckler spoke.

“This has got to be a rip-off. Whoever
heard of Jesus visiting the Navajos and Mary what-her-name going to another
Indian tribe.” He giggled and slapped his leg. “What planet are you from

I couldn’t sit still and let this
redneck slander this woman. I jumped to my feet and picked up my chair. “Out!
Don’t stay another second!” I waved the folding chair in his direction. “The
rest of us want to hear what the lovely lady has to say.”

The heckler looked at me and then Dr.
Truthteller. He grinned and started backing toward the exit. “What lovely lady?
Both of you must have forgot to take your medications this morning.”

I raised the chair to throw but someone
was holding it back. I glanced back and saw Dr. Truthteller holding one leg. She
was beautiful standing behind me with one hand on the chair leg and her other
hand pointed at the man. “Out Philistine, before I let Samson slay you with the
jaw bone of an ass.” She had me, lock, stock and barrel.

The heckler walked quickly to the door
and turned around. “I didn’t want your trashy book anyhow. I hope you get lost
in the Grand Canyon and the coyotes gnaw on your bones.”

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