Episode 9 Friday


The heckler was persistent. “Where did
the Ark land? Pike’s Peak?” He started laughing and grinning at the sparse

I could barely constrain myself. I
wanted the thrash him and throw him out in the street. But Dr. Truthteller was
extremely polite.

“No. If you check your geography book
you will see that Pike’s Peak is not in the four Corners area.” She waved her
hand in dismissal. “Now what was I talking about?”

I waved my hand like a first grade
pupil. “You were talking about Mary Magdalene appearing to the Indians in 45AD.”
I hesitated just the briefest moment. “I think some people believe Jesus
appeared to the Navajos after he was resurrected.”

 Her eyes locked on mine and she
smiled widely. A gold eye tooth glittered. I was mesmerized.

“Yes, Mary Magdalene appeared a few
years after Jesus to a different tribe in an area a few hundred miles away. The
Xindhi people showed me pictographs of her preaching to the Indians. Three of
the rock paintings showed a large ship with animals marching down a ramp, two by
two.” She had me. I was hooked.

“The Indians were going to take me to
view the ship on a Sunday, but the weather changed. A violent snow storm hit the
mountains. We had to leave for the lower valleys.” She looked at me. “I am
returning returning very soon to find Noah’s Ark. I’ll take thousands of photos
and bring back some of the actual wood of the Ark.”

She stepped closer, her gold tooth
gleaming. “I need volunteers for the expedition of a lifetime. This is no search
for gold or silver, only the search for truth. It will be like the Knights of
the Round Table searching for the Holy Grail.”

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