Episode 8 Thursday


She was a little dark woman with a
definite air of intelligent madness. The young woman disappeared from my mind. I
sat in the front row, directly across from her desk and a pile of books. The
owner introduced her as Dr. Rachel Truthteller. Her doctorate was in Biblical
Archeology from the University of Katmandu. She began describing the trials and
tribulations she had searching for Noah’s Ark in the Four Corners area.

     I leaned
back admiring her body language more than her message. Then she said something
that caused me to sit up straight and pay attention. She said Mary Magdalene had
visited the Xindhi Tribe in the year 45AD. She was getting better looking all
the time. Mary Magdalene had shown the Indians where Noah’s Ark had landed.

Some idiot in the back row had a
question. He couldn’t wait. “Isn’t that a little far-fetched? The Bible says
that Noah’s Ark is on Mt Ararat. I heard that is in Turkey.”

I was going to escort the heckler to
the street with my foot up his rear-end. But before I could even get to my feet,
Dr. Truthteller spoke softly.

“I don’t think the Bible mentions
Turkey. Remember it rained for forty days and forty nights. Then it took a few
more days for Noah to find land. He had sailed completely across the Atlantic

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