Episode 7 Wed.


      She grasped my elbow. “I need another glass of wine. Are you ready for another gin and tonic” I let her lead me to the bar. Leaning against a bar gives most people a feeling of confidence.

      The man in the white coat climbed back in the van. “He’s not shooting pool or sitting at the bar. Let’s try that restaurant. He should be hungry by now.”

The driver drove slowly along the street. “What did Nurse Jane have good to tell you? Is she ready to unwind at the local tavern.”

      “I’ll have another quinine water and three wedges of limes this time. Give the lady your best white wine.”

      “Pine also said the space was created at the moment of the big bang. A colossal idea that shook the pillars of the academic community.”

     “No, no, no you imbecile. That can’t be true. If there was a big bang, there had to be space to hold this thing before it exploded.” I kept my voice calm and cool. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the young woman emerge from the ladies room.

     “Maurice Pine’s book is excellent. You really should read it.”

     “ I told you before that Pine is an idiot and you’re no better.” The young woman was smiling and walking toward me. Well, well. I have better things to do than argue with this stupid woman. I spoke to the young woman. “Why don’t we go to your place. I have some genuine moon rocks to show you.” The babbling died out and everyone looked toward the door. The author had arrived.

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