Episode 6 Tues


She wrinkled her nose and curled her
lip. “They are also going to find dark energy.”

She is a lulu. But if you present your
argument reasonably and quietly, a few loonies will see the light and agree with
you. It is a good feeling to save someone from the nebulous pit of madness.
“There is no dark matter out there, you dumb ass. Who ever heard of dark energy.
How can you be so damn stupid.” I said this in a nice soothing voice. I didn’t
want to alarm her. Sure enough her face lit up as if she finally understood
Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

She stepped closer to me. “I feel
certain that our universe is flooded with dark matter. Maurice Pine, in his
latest book, states that dark matter was created along with matter and
anti-matter in the Big Bang. It’s been expanding for the last fourteen and a
half billion years creating our huge universe.

I held out my hand signaling her to
stop. I had her now. Maurice Pine didn’t have enough brains to pour water out of
a boot with instructions on the heel. “Isn’t he the guy who said time started
with the big bang.” She nodded. “You mean there was no ten minutes before the
big bang? Even an ignorant woman like yourself should know that’s all nonsense.”
I smiled, pleased with myself for being so nice. I hadn’t even commented on how
terrible she was dressed. I sipped my quinine water and chewed the last lime


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