Episode 5 Monday



The man backed away as the woman inched closer. “It’s everywhere but we just can’t see it.”

I moved closer to the pair. Obviously the woman was a fruitcake. Her kind are easy to spot with their wild eyes, gaudy clothes and bright lipsticks. She’s staring at me. Does she wants me to join the conversation?


“What do you think about dark matter?” She pointed at the other man. “He’s telling me about his fascinating stay in the Himalayas. He tracked Yeti to his mountain lair and actually lived with a whole family of Yetis. He took tons of photos but all were stolen by one of those shifty Sherpa guides. Now he is organizing a small party to search for Big Foot.”


This must be a convention of escapees from the local asylum or a Greyhound bus brought them here on a field trip. The men in white jackets are lurking close by. I decided to jump in with both guns blazing. “I feel sure that there is no such thing as dark matter. It’s just something astronomers dreamed up to make their calculations come out even.”

She scowled and looked around for support as the Himalayan explorer escaped her clutches and dashed to the bar.

You have to be careful with some of these section eights. They can be dangerous. I hope she doesn’t have a weapon.

“You don’t say. That flies in the face of nearly all intelligent astronomical thinking at the present time. It’s just a matter of time before dark matter is detected.” She wrinkled her nose and curled her lip. “They are also going to find dark energy.”

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