Episode 4 Sunday


     The woman emptied her wine glass, slammed it on the bar and screamed hysterically at the barmaid for another Chardonnay. She was shaking and pale as a ghost. She tried to tell him she had other plans for tomorrow. She had to visit her sick grandmother in a nursing home.


     He laughed uproariously and moved a few inches closer to the woman. He put his hand on hers and squeezed. She jumped six inches straight up. He had her boxed in with an iron grip on her hand. His cell phone rang. He released her hand. Before he could say hello, she bolted past him on a dead run to the ladies room.


      I nodded, pleased with her reactions. The man was unbearably crude and mad as a hatter. What woman in her right mind would go on a crop circle expedition with him. I sipped on my quinine water and chewed one lime. I kept my eye on the ladies room door and tried to sift through the different conversations that were assaulting my ears. 


     I stopped and cocked one ear at another woman. She had mentioned the magic word. Space! That was my field. Granted, I didn’t have any astronomy courses or any other courses for that matter. But I knew space front to back, sideways and upside down. The woman was trying to tell the man something about dark matter in outer space. 


      “Seventy-five percent of all the matter in the universe is dark matter.” The man backed away as the woman inched closer. “It’s everywhere but we just can see it.”

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