Episode 3 Saturday


I grabbed two crab balls from the hors
d’oeuvres table and looked for the woman. I wanted to talk to her about madness.
How could she put up with these weird people and remain sane? I was too late.
Another man had her cornered at the end of the bar. I eased to the bar, only
four feet behind the man. I whispered to the barmaid that I wanted a glass of
quinine water with two wedges of lime. I heard that quinine and limes are a
deterrent to tapeworms. I may go to Kenya or Brazil in a few years, I want to be

He mentioned crop circles. I grinned to
myself. Those people are quite mad. I stepped away from the bar to get a better
look at the young woman. He said that tomorrow he was going on an expedition to
a wheat field that had been attacked twice before by these crop circle raiders.
He told her in a normal voice that he had room in his camper for another person.
She was certainly welcome to come. The trip would be a genuine learning
experience and he was sure she would enjoy the whole trip. He leaned closer,
leering obscenely, running his tongue over his upper lip and winking the whole

The woman was shaking her head all
during the one sided conversation. She looked left and right frantically for an
avenue of escape.

He kept on describing the complexity
and beauty of some circles. They had be made by superior beings from the north
star or maybe the big dipper.


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