Episode 2 Friday


“Both.” I wrote Kit Carson on a label
and stuck it to my jacket. “Where is the author? I ‘d like to meet her.”

The woman glanced at her watch. “She
should be here in ten minutes. Go on in, have a drink and talk with our other

I walked in keeping my eyes and ears
open for crazy people. I can spot these people in a radius of twenty feet,
especially at a party where alcohol is served. It makes no difference if they
are talking to me or carrying on a conversation with someone else. There are
certain key words that set off alarm bells: UFOs, Yeti, crop circles and global
warming are just a few.

“He’s not on this street.” The
white-coated man climbed back into the van. “Let’s try that pool hall. I think
he likes to shoot pool.” The driver nodded and moved on.

I spotted a candidate. A short man with
a shaved head had a nice looking woman hemmed in between a large sofa and a book
case. When he mentioned UFOs, I automatically froze and held my breath. I want
to find out if he was abducted and probed. Invariably those facts are true. In
his case he was held for ten days against his will, forced to have sex with a
beautiful little green woman and they left an ‘out of this world’ piece of metal
in his body. He volunteered to show it to her but it was located in his nether
regions. She broke free and trotted to the bar.

I grabbed two crab balls from the hors
d’oeuvres table and looked for the woman.

282 words

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